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Youth Day 2012 – Eaton Rapids, MI

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Shalom Everyone,
Just thought I’d let you all know about the great time we had in Michigan.
There was much fellowship and an AWESOME turnout among the Youth, many gave special offerings.
Main features of this Youth Conference were:  Jared Leys of YouthforYHWH explaining the purpose of their ministry, Aaron Wells with a message on controversy, and a dance team from West Michigan showcasing Israel folk dancing. All in all, it was wonderful to witness youth praising Yahweh with their talents and I know I was blessed to attend and play for this group. Praise Yahweh we were able to make it without problems and performed our new songs, as well as some older ones,and get feedback for our sets in the future.

Here are some pictures from the conference
and videos… 

Check out Youth For YHWH’s Facebook page for more pictures and video excerpts here:
and their website:

Micaela Rae


Eliyah Youth Chat

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Hey everyone,
I wanted to tell you all about a link Dad found a while ago. There is a ‘Youth Chat” for the youth in the Sacred Name/Messianic group.
1: Click on this link
2: Click to connect
3: Choose a nickname, preferably your real name, so we know who you are 🙂
4:  Click “menu”, located in the bottom right-hand of your screen
5: Choose “List Channels”
6: Click on Youth4Yah

Hey, you can meet other youth and maybe learn some new things like I did. 🙂 Check it out……….

Micaela Rae

BarlowGirl Rocks!!

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Greetings to everyone here, there and everywhere!
We went to a BarlowGirl concert a couple weeks ago, and it was AWESOME!!
Normally, the girls do a rock set, but since they weren’t on tour (actually, they’re in the middle of producing a new CD), it was more toned down. However, with a keyboard, acoustic guitar, and bongo/brush snare-hihat combo, they still brought the “stage” down. We definitely identified with the three sisters’ band, though I would say that Alyssa and Lauren were a lot more outgoing with the crowd then we are. My personal favorites were “Mirror, Mirror” and, ummmm, I forgot the other one.(This is awkward)
I hoped they would play “Grey,” but, alas, my wish was not granted. ( Yeah, I’ve been reading Shakespeare!) It would be great to follow in their footsteps. 🙂
Also, “PraisesForYahweh” has moved into the social atmosphere!! Click here for our Facebook© Page:
Here’s Dad’s Facebook© page for the latest news from our family. 🙂 If you go to his friends, you’ll see me (Micaela Avalos) and request to be friends. I can’t guarantee I’ll update frequently though. 😉
Hey, check out our Youtube © page here:
We just put up 3 live videos, one cover and two originals I hope to record soon.

Here’s an event, Yahweh willing, we will be playing for:

YouthforYHWH’s link is to the right —>, and now it’s to the left <— (I changed themes)

I hope to post pictures from the BarlowGirl concert soon. Sarah has been doing Adobe Elements ® tutorials, so they should look pretty good.

May YHWH bless you all,
Micaela Rae

Top Of Our Lungs-Starfield
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