Month: March 2010

To AR and back!!!

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We got back from Harrison, AR on Sunday, March 7, 2010.
It was great fun. We got to meet new people, see an elder ordained, and play music with some friends. Then as we were coming back, we visited places in  Branson, Mo. I think I liked visiting the Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery the best.
I think that I would like to have a job as a conservation agent along with engineer, scientist, historian, singer, writer , etc.  I can’t make up my mind yet though.

As we recently finished our third CD, I will help Dad with the beginning of production of our 4th CD very soon. It will have originals from me and my sister Sarah, and my mom.

There sure is crazy weather here in Missouri. One day it can be 40 degrees, 2 days later it can be 60. Getting rain has cooled it down though. I do not like cold weather or hot weather. I do not like hot weather because I am absolutely terrified of swimming. If I can cannot touch the bottom, I am freaked out;
I do not like cold weather because it snows too much and I can’t wear shorts for pajamas indoors.
I like spring weather, with rain and flowers and a person can wear shorts without being told it’s too cold for the summer wear(I’m a hot person).  And I like fall weather, with all the wind. (Except when it messes up my hair; then
I have to get it cut because it is in my face. I do not like short hair either.)

I know, by the end of my blog post you’ll probably think I am very picky. I like to think  I am just very opinionated.
If I had a choice, I would only eat four food groups ( meat, bread, milk, and fruit),  watch tv and do some kind of exercise all day, and wish we were living in earlier times because of all the earthquakes.
That’s what Micaela Rae Avalos would do if she did what she wanted. It is a good idea her parents has her do schoolwork, cooking, producing music, cleaning and such, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to live on her own.

Well that’s all for today folks
Meet you back here next week I hope


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To CA and back

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I got back from California recently, accounting for the late update.
When you leave Missouri and it’s snowing, and enter San Diego, it feels like summertime there.
Then you get back, and it feels like Antartica when there’s snow on the ground and single- digit temperatures.
We had fun, and got see our extended family; visited the beach( we actually swam in the Pacific Ocean, compared to here,
where all the water’s frozen when you leave it out at night.); and ate food at restaurants that we have never tried before( like fish sandwiches, scambled egg and bean burritos with jalepeno’s and hot sauce).
Flying for the first time in my life, I was a little nervous, especially when you read horror stories of people who crashed in
planes and were never the same again. Praise Yahweh though, the planes landed where they were supposed to,
there wasn’t too much bad weather, and the only thing I didn’t like was the headaches from flying. That was resolved quickly. 🙂

You know, when we were traveling, I realized that I could only trust in Yahweh to keep us safe. There wasn’t anything I
could physically do to prevent us from having an accident or getting hurt. There are times when you come to the knowledge
that it is the only thing to do, there isn’t anything else humanly possible to keep anything from happening. The only thing
that is going to happen is Yahweh’s will. And may his will only be done, not ours.

Shalom to Yah’s people,

And here is a shoutout to my grandparents who are reading this, far away in California.
Love You!!!!! 🙂