Month: May 2013

May Is Almost Over :)

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Wow, so I really intended to write during Unleavened Bread, but suddenly we started getting requests for gigs and we’ve just been so busy!

We’ve have had three major gigs during this month of May. There was a performance in Eldon, MO for Mid-Mo’s Church of G-d :”Super Sabbath;” and met some great people there. Then two weeks later was Shavuot, which we spent with the awesome people in Kansas (see photos here.) Our weekend in Kansas was really blessed. Perhaps you might remember a post I did about two years ago, mentioning the AWESOME time we had at the “Hebrew Roots Conference”. Well, this time was even better…which is like not really possible, but it really was great! 🙂 We got to stay in the house again , and our fellowship was, well, I can’t really describe it. It was one of those times where you really wish you didn’t have to go home because the people there are such a blessing, and you learn a lot from the messages. Daniel McGirr (from Wisdom In Torah) was the guest speaker, and his teachings were excellent. I’m really glad we were able to attend and bless the people there with our music. What’s more, we know Yahweh’s hand was definitely in all of this because a lot of people were leaving when the tornadoes started forming on Sunday in Kansas and Oklahoma, and we all were blessed with safety.

And what do you know, just the next weekend was the Family Builder’s Conference 2013, hosted by YAIM in Rocheport, MO. This gig was probably the one I was most nervous about because we were performing two original songs we’ve hadn’t played in public before, and they also happened to be the most difficult. Praise be to Yahweh, our performance turned out much better than the practices. 😉   It was really cool that we were able to touch so many people at one time, especially with what’s happened recently in the news, and it goes to show the miracles that can happen with prayer. The assembly was packed, and the messages that were given really blessed everyone there, even those who haven’t started a family yet, like me! 😉 Last but definitely not least, we finally got to meet and hear Left Lane Closing, a Sacred Name band from Cisco, TX, who we opened for. It was totally awesome.

(Hm, I think I need to learn some synonyms for awesome, great, and wonderful…
How about: spectacular,  astounding,  out of this world,  far out, groovy? Nope, not quite)

Well, if that wasn’t busy enough, we also made two trips to SAY, in IL and visited friends somewhere near Stockton, MO in the middle of nowhere. 🙂
You know, we’ve been really blessed to be able to travel and share our music with others. I pray we can continue to share our talents and bless those around us.

Until the next time I find time to write, Shalom
Micaela Rae

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