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Snow!! before it melted… :)

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Obedience – A Story

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Here’s a story I wrote a little while ago for the kids page (:  Enjoy!!

Ryan and Zeke had always been told to stay away from the abandoned shed. “It’s very dangerous!” their parents had told them. However, when curious boys are told to stay away from something, that’s exactly where they go when no one’s watching; and that’s how Ryan found himself with a broken leg one Monday morning.

    “Ryan, Zeke, come here please!” Mom and Dad called from the house. Ryan and Zeke quickly ran in from a game of tag and found their parents getting dressed up. “What’s the occasion?” asked Ryan.
“Your mother and I are going to visit some friends for a while,” his dad answered, busily fixing his tie.
“Since you have been such good kids, we are going to leave you two by yourselves for a while.”
“Awesome!” Zeke cheered. He looked at Ryan, who was trying not to smile. Their parents chuckled.
     “Ryan, since you are older, you will be in charge. That means you are responsible for your actions and for your brother,” their mom told them. “Cool!” said Ryan. “What should we do first?”
“Let’s get going, dear,” said Dad. “We have a long drive. Kids, remember, don’t do anything you wouldn’t want Yahweh to see.” “Yes Dad,” the boys chorused. They watched their parents get in the car and back out of the driveway. “We love you,” Mom called as they drove away.
     Ryan and Zeke held their breath until Mom and Dad disappeared from view. “Whew! Let’s find something to do,” said Zeke as they walked back inside. The boys looked around the house, already bored. “Hey! Remember that shed out in the woods?” Ryan asked Zeke. “Yeah, what about it?” Zeke replied, searching for a snack.
“Well, since Mom and Dad are gone, I think this is a good time to explore, don’t you think?” Ryan looked at his brother meaningly. Zeke stared at Ryan incredulously. “You can’t be serious, Ryan. Mom and Dad have told us many times not to go there.”
“Oh, what could possibly be dangerous about a shed; a few spiders, maybe some lizards? Are YOU scared?”
 Zeke looked at the floor. “Well, no, I guess you’re right,” he said. “What is the harm in a shed? Let’s go!” Ryan grinned as they raced out the door. “That’s the spirit!”
     Zeke and Ryan crept up to the door of the abandoned shed, suddenly afraid someone might see them. “Are you going to open the door?” asked Zeke, looking at his big brother. “I guess,” Ryan shrugged, and slowly pushed it open. Both brothers flinched as the door creaked wildly, and then stared in wonderment at the mess before them.
“Wow, this is so cool! I wonder why Mom and Dad never let us come here,” said Ryan as he climbed over old farm equipment and musty hay. Zeke didn’t answer. He was too busy climbing a stack of wires to get to the hayloft. “Hey bro, give me a lift here, would ya?” he called to his brother.
“Sure.” Ryan went to help his brother up, but as he walked, his foot bumped a large piece of wood stacked against the wall. Ryan fell to the floor, and Zeke watched in horror as the wood fell on his brother’s leg, causing him to scream loudly. Zeke quickly scrambled down the wire and tried to lift the board off Ryan’s leg, but it was too heavy. Ryan was sobbing loudly in pain.
“Ryan! Ryan!” Zeke yelled, shaking his brother’s shoulder. “What do you want me to do?”
Ryan looked at his brother, confused, before he understood what Zeke was asking.
“Quick, go get someone to help you.” he told Zeke. Zeke stood, then turned around, suddenly scared. “What if Mom and Dad find out? Won’t we get in trouble?”
“It’s too late now,” Ryan groaned. “Now, I really need to get this board off my leg, trouble or not.”
“Yes, of course!” said Zeke. He dashed out the door, eager to find help for his older brother.
     Zeke ran to the door of his neighbor’s house and pounded wildly on it. “Hello, hello! Is anyone home?” he yelled. Mr. Reynolds, his neighbor, opened the door. “Yes, what’s the noise –oh- what is it, Zeke?” he asked.
Zeke breathed hard. “My brother, he’s in the shed. We were playing and a board fell on his leg and now he’s really hurt. Can you help, please?” Mr. Reynolds looked surprised. “In the shed, you say? Didn’t your parents tell you to stay away from there?” Zeke looked down at the porch, ashamed. “Yes, they did. Now I’m very sorry we went there. But please, won’t you help my brother?” he asked hopefully.
“Of course!” Mr. Reynolds grabbed his shoes and ran with Zeke back to the shed.
The boys’ parents had come home early from their visit, and were disappointed to not find their sons in the house. Mom and Dad walked around the house calling their names, but disappointment quickly turned to fear when the boys did not appear. “Let’s go ask Mr. Reynolds if he’s seen them,” Dad suggested. Both parents ran quickly to his house and knocked on the door, but Mr. Reynolds did not appear. However, Mrs. Reynolds opened the door, surprised to see them.
“Mrs. Reynolds, have you seen the boys recently?” Mom asked.
“No, I haven’t seen them. But I believe I heard Zeke’s voice not too long ago, saying something about a shed and his brother. He sounded mighty scared though, and my husband went with him without saying goodbye,” Mrs. Reynolds replied.
“The shed??!!” Mom’s hand flew to her throat and she turned pale. “We best be going there right now! Thank you for your help, Mrs. Reynolds.” Dad and Mom dashed away, leaving Mrs. Reynolds waving forlornly.

     Mr. Reynolds walked up to Ryan, crying softly but still in pain. “Ryan, are you doing okay?” he asked, kneeling down next to him. “I think so.” Ryan wiped his eyes. “But my leg hurts really bad and I can’t feel it very much.”
Mr. Reynolds looked concerned, then his eyes traveled to the board still laying on Ryan’s leg. He tried to lift it, but it was too heavy even for him. That was when Mom and Dad showed up.
Mom rushed to Ryan’s side, sobbing. “Oh my poor baby, we were so worried about you two.” Zeke ran to his mother’s embrace, and then his eye caught Ryan’s. They both knew it was time for an apology.
“Mom, Dad, we’re so sorry for disobeying you. We know it was wrong, and you are probably very mad at us now,” said Ryan, speaking for himself and Zeke. Mom looked at Dad, who grunted as he helped Mr. Reynolds lift the board off Ryan’s leg. Then he knelt down besides Mom.
“I believe Yahweh himself has punished you for your disobedience,” Dad answered, looking carefully at Ryan. “Yes, we both are very upset, but we are also thankful that it was only your pride and a leg that got hurt; nothing more. Neither of you will be getting privileges for a while though. We will have to decide when you are responsible again.”
Ryan and Zeke nodded solemnly, relieved that thunder and lightning did not rain down on them for disobeying. However, both boys knew exactly how wrong they were to disobey their parents, and they were sure it wasn’t going to happen again for a long while.

The next day…
The whole family walked into the house, just getting home from the hospital. The doctor had told Ryan that he had a broken leg. The treatment: six weeks of rest and a cast to help set the leg correctly.
Dad gestured for the boys to sit down before speaking:
“Zeke, as you know, your brother has 6 weeks of rest, meaning no playing outside, wrestling, or anything like that. Your mother and I decided that you should stay with your brother and entertain him, instead of going out to play. That will be your punishment for disobeying us, since your brother has already had his, in the form of a broken leg. I hope you will think about your actions and make better decisions next time. In the meantime, I believe there is someone you need to thank for helping you two.”
Zeke and Ryan looked at each other, extremely confused, before suddenly lighting up. “Mr. Reynolds! We haven’t thanked him yet!”
“Yes, that’s the one,” said their Dad, smiling. “I think you should start putting your heads together for ideas.”
Zeke and Ryan high-fived each other, and each pulled out paper to plot their ideas for a thank-you party.
After all, great minds think alike, sometimes!!
The End

Copyright 2013 © Praises For Yahweh

Shabbat Shalom Everyone!!!

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Elohim Rested...

FOT Part Two and Updates!!!!

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Hey y’all!
Yes, I realize I have not been a faithful blog updater, email responder or Facebook poster recently! 😉
My sincere apologies to you all, but I have been very busy in the “expanding my knowledge”  sort of thing! *Grin*
Many thanks to everyone who approved their blogs being posted here as “Youth Resources.” Next post should have all these so others will know.
For those of you who haven’t looked at our gallery page recently, we have posted F.O.T. Part Two pictures, spent in Rusk, TX.
The album is located here:
I’ll probably post a couple of edited pics as I get done with them.  Photos are courtesy of Julie Mills; none were taken by me…

Ahhh, ’tis the season for annoying Chr-stmas music, funky blow-up yard things, and the occasional farewell from some of “Merry Chr-stmas.” For some reason, “Happy Holidays” seems less in-your-face Chr-stianity. Perhaps because if it comes before Hanukkah, than they can wish you a happy holiday for that. If it comes afterwards though, they would just be wishing you a really, really early Happy Unleavened Bread or something like that. Hmmm, maybe it’s just me.

Hey, to counteract all these holiday tunes, we wrote two new songs since “We All Need Yahshua!” I hope to share them with you all soon, but at least you know we’re not sittin’ back drinking hot chocolate and watching consecutive episodes of Mythbusters; though that would be quite entertaining. Also, besides these two new songs, I have just started using Garageband, and personal prejudice against Apple OS’s aside, it is quite easy to learn. Yahweh willing, we will start recording these newer songs with better quality, meaning instead of hearing my voice once, you can hear me sing harmony, melody, and choir all at the same time!!!! HaHa You can’t do that live; I don’t think…..

Wow, I just realized that Nov. 17, which was a Shabbat, marked my THIRD ANNIVERSARY of blogging. YAY!!!!!
THANK YOUam blessed that Dad forced me to start a blog three years ago, as a boring thirteen year-old, to hear from all of you and meet you over the internet.
To Nivi, Hannah, the other Hannah 🙂 Jenna, Jared, Chelsea and anyone else who inspired me to write more; cheers!!

Wow, December 1st, it’s amazing how fast this year has gone. Praise Yahweh that everyone has been relatively healthy through the year, and we had great feasts this year. I also have been blessed to meet several new people and be inspired by them and their talents, and………if you haven’t heard it already, I highly recommend listening to Tenth Avenue North’s new cd “The Struggle.”
Another goal was accomplished; eating healthier!  🙂  Mom, Dad, Sarah and I went on the HCG diet. While I didn’t lose much weight, probably because I didn’t follow strict protocol, I managed to rid myself of most recurring headaches. Our family has also started eating healthier, like salads most of the week, and very little desserts. It has been difficult to get rid of many preservatives, but it wasn’t impossible. So, I’d like to share a couple of recipes we discovered soon. 🙂

So, until next time, with love,
Micaela Rae