Month: December 2009

Thoughts of my mind

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Hey everybody,

Christmas, the latest holiday someone came up with.
Has anyone ever wondered what Santa Claus, snowmen, gifts, and the reindeer have to do with the Messiah’s birth?
Especially Santa Claus; how did he ever come in to the equation? The North Pole? South Pole?
The Messiah wasn’t even born in December!!!
You know what though, those jingles they play get stuck in my head sometimes.  I have to sing a different song out loud to get them to stop playing.

On a different note, has anyone seen the clothes they’re making for kids these days?
The girls have tight, short shirts and skirts (especially Miley Cyrus. Has no one seen what she has been doing these days?)
and the boys; Harry Potter, Twilight, HULK?  OK, maybe not the twilight. But, these celebrities seem to have a major impact on our clothing industry.
My mom agonized(literally) over finding clothes that are long enough, loose enough, and non-graphic enough.
The Halloween outfits go way beyond my limits though.
I don’t know about you, but those Halloween outfits freak me out!!

OK, last topic for the day
Please!!! send me ideas, comments or even offer some stories, blog posts, or music.
This is an all-inclusive site. If you leave more feedback, I update more often.

Shalom (Peace)

P.S. Please let me know when I start to get boring. :}