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Oklahoma Trip #2

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Hello Everybody…….

I hope you all had a good week. I’m really sorry I am late on this one.
Here’s a little summary of what we did a while ago:

Ok, so Thursday, 7-8-2011, Hannah went into the hospital to check for brain
damage from a hit on the head at a water slide we had went on.  She had a CAT scan to check for any internal cranium pressure or bleeding. Praise Yahweh though, we got a lot of prayers for her and it came back negative, so NO SURGERY!!!!  She has been healing really well and is off pain medication.
It was really a confirmation of prayer because we REALLY wanted to go to OK and visit friends there. So we left Friday morning…….
On Friday night, we visited “Branch of Jerusalem” in Tulsa, OK .On Sabbath,  we went to an assembly in OK with some great friends of ours. Sunday was spent chillin’, or more of sweating, with our dearest friends. It was HOOOTTT out there. It rarely gets as hot here in MO as it did in Oklahoma, though it is getting VERY close.
Is there anyone out there who has some experience with sewing? I am trying to make a jean skirt out of jean scraps I have, and I can’t hem it nor sew the top-half to the bottom part. Our sewing machine seems too small for the job! Hmmm…. Maybe the hand kind would work 🙂
I have been taking singing lessons with a singing teacher recently. If there is one thing I’m NOT having trouble with, it is volume.:)
There should have been a part in Little Red Riding Hood that goes:
Red: Grandma!! What a large mouth you have….
Wolf: The louder to sing with, my dear. CAN YOU HEAR ME!!! 🙂
The look she has me do is kinda hard. The point is to sing with your voice in your head, not your throat, otherwise it really hurts. I have a lot of trouble with that part though, and it looks kind of goofy to sing with your eyes wide open and eyebrows raised.Another thing I have to learn is reading piano sheet music. Now THAT is hard. Reading above and below the bar is difficult, especially on the Bass clef. She also wants me to listen to GREAT classical composers to understand the voice “mechanics” behind the vocalists.
So as you can see, I have been pretty busy…….

May Yahweh bless you all
Micaela Rae

P.S. I TRULY DISLIKE spam. So why don’t you read this and go away, spammers.??!! Oh right, you can’t read; you can barely write. You’re too computerized for your own good; your spelling is terrible and the grammar totally off… You should quit your job making everyone else mad and go to school!!!!  : | BTW, what’s wrong with your dictionary? And why does everyone think I need handbags….. One is enough!



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I have hit 2,000 views for my 1+ years of writing this blog. Praise Yahweh!!!!
I would like to thank you all for your comments, subscriptions, emails, and dedication. I really appreciate your help and support.
Thank You ALL 🙂

Micaela Rae

July 4 weekend

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Hello All,

I hope everyone had a good Fourth of July weekend (for those who live in the
USA 🙂 )
Ours was mostly low-key, basically
some shopping and eating out. I want to learn how to make pita bread and french fries.

After the shopping, in which I got more fabric for some head coverings, we went home. I have had a picture in my head
of a skirt made from jean scraps. I managed to get it all sewn together, but I have yet to figure out how to sew the top half to the bottom half, or how to hem it. Sigh…. maybe I should get a hand-sewing machine.

The fireworks we set off were pretty cool. There were bottle rockets, which we set off in a PVC pipe 😉
2 different groups of sparklers were set off in a glass jar. It got extremely
hot and burnt an area in the side, but the flame was really cool. I wish we had
gotten pictures of the Hawaiian Rainbow ones. The glow in the dark ones were a
bummer because they all turned into black snakes :(.

One highlight of the day was that it was my parents’ 1st year
anniversary since they renewed their vows in OK.
Happy Anniversary!!!!!

May Yahweh bless you all

Micaela Rae

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