Month: May 2012

What’s going on around here?

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Hey y’all,
What’s up with everyone? We are doing good ’round here. These past two months have been mighty eventful. We have had a lot going on; praise Yahweh for the Shabbat!
First of all, I hope you all had a good Passover and Unleavened Bread. Ours passed a lot faster than usual. We learned about some new leavening agents though. Apparently calcium carbonate is baking soda, and it was in spackling, hot cocoa, and ramen, among others.
I didn’t mind getting rid of the hot cocoa though. I am not particularly fond of Swiss Miss cocoa but then again, I wasn’t excited about the taste of “Double Chocolate Decadent Cocoa” that was leavening-free. Hopefully sometime we’ll get Nestle Nesquick sometime soon, as cheers of joy sounded among the Avalos kids when we found it was kosher. 🙂
Speaking of kosher, Frito-Lay has changed the cheese enzyme source for Doritos Nacho Cheese, making their cheese kosher again. YAY!! We used to eat them a lot until we found they were unclean. Then, the Doritos Locos Taco came out, sparking our interest in the Doritos again. Mom checked with them again, and whaddya know, they are now KOSHER. Smiles for everyone who loves their awesome cheesiness.

We are now broadcasting services on Sabbaths from our basement, so that has kept us very very busy. Besides setting up the basement for services, there was so much electronic and visual aspects to work on. I had to cut ceiling panels with the jigsaw, re-run network and video cables, re-wire our music area with a monster cable box and TRY mounting the TV to the ceiling or wall, which didn’t work very well. We apparently don’t have studs on one of our walls, only drywall and styrofoam next to the concrete. Then, I tried attaching a 2×4 to one of the ceiling beams, but the TV mounting arm wasn’t meant to hang upside-down, because the TV gravitated down. I don’t think anyone wanted to lay on the floor watching song lyrics, so there goes that idea. Oh well….
Poor Hannah put long-suffering to good use as she helped me through my frustrations. She’s a really good helper though. 🙂

Together, my sisters and I have written 4 new songs recently, one being played in IL. Two of them can be seen on our YouTube channel, played live. Yahweh willing, maybe we’ll be able to professionally record them sometime.
I have had some major changes in my personal life. For starters, Dad got me an electrical guitar for recording and practicing. It is easier to play, but I don’t like the fact that it isn’t very loud, and capos mess up the tuning a lot. It’s a lot of fun to play lead on now though.

Second, I have officially made my choice about a career later on. Yahweh willing, I will get at least a bachelor’s in Audio Engineering and something else, I forgot what it was called, or higher.
It would be awesome to get some experience as a DJ and working at a recording studio. Maybe I’ll even have my own record label someday, and produce the music of top religious artists. First I’d like to have some experience with one though, maybe sign up with the major labels and hang out with the big guys in Chr-stian music. Bands I’d like to meet: NeedtoBreathe (of course), Disciple, the rest of Tenth Avenue North (maybe next month in TX), Newsboys, Peter Furler,RED, Skillet,Lecrae, some others that escape my memory. It would be awesome to perform with them live and learn their finesse for bigger crowds.

Third, I have a new second favorite song: “Innocence and Other Things Lost”, off Starfield’s latest album ‘The Kingdom’. It reminds me a little of “Leaving Eden” by Brandon Heath, also a good song. What’s more, “Revelation Song” has been demoted to third place. My apologies to Philips, Craig and Dean. Their’s is an awesome song, but I have updated. 🙂
Well, hope you all are doing well. I SHOULD update soon…..

Love and Shalom,
Micaela Rae

P.S. Mom would like me to mention the health benefits of rutabagas, turnips, and cauliflowers. They all make really odd substitutes for potatoes on the HCG diet that are not very delicious.
P.P.S. If you get a chance, listen to that song by Starfield. I’d like to hear your input on it.