Month: November 2011

Career choices……

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Hey ya’ll,

So, the Feast is over. Now comes the holiday shopping for the masses. The
stores are more crowded then usual. Halloween has passed (finally!) and shelves
hold the newest arrivals, the latest must-haves for Chr-stmas. Thanksgiving
turkeys go on sale, and calendars are marked for Black Friday. All this fuss
for a few holidays. Yeah, after that is New Year’s Day, then Valentine’s Day,
then Easter. The whole cycle repeats itself. I wish there would be a Feast of
Tabernacles every month. It’s so nice to be removed from the world and immersed
in a spiritual state, filled with our own fellowship and worship of a real

Sigh….. Why is the majority so dumb? Why do they accept the lies, fed to them
day after day? Why bother with traditions when one can know the cold, hard
truth? That’s exactly what it is. It gets worse every year as the leaders get
more corrupt, people tamper more with creation, and we get closer to the End

As I get closer to college age and legal adulthood, my mind starts to wander to
the type of person I want to be when I’m older. Do I want to be the next Sally
or Bob, working night hours at the local fast-food joint to support myself? Or,
possibly, I could be the latest and greatest miracle worker or Know-It-All of
the modern age. Do I want to stick out or blend in?

All these questions relate to my career choice; a choice that could affect my
life, the lives of those around, and even ones on another continent, plagued by
sickness, starvation, and left with no hope to continue a fruitful life. I have
considered being a musician, but quickly realized that I need more education
than just that.

Being a musician would be great, but it is not a reliable source of income. People dictate what your next turn in life is. They decide whether you will be able to produce new cd’s, travel world tours, or even own a house. It’s their choice to choose whether they like your music or not. You can’t force them into buying a new release or a ticket to
your concert. That’s the problem with the arts. You can be the most creative
person in the world, but if someone doesn’t like what you have to offer, there
goes all chances of providing for a family or even yourself. I’ve always wanted
to work with media: produce music videos, create music, be a musical engineer,
be a photographer, even be the subject of media like dancing, acting, field
reporting, hosting a show, etc. However, all of these choices rely on what the
public wants. They want to know what you’ve got to offer. If they don’t like
it, they’ll move on.

However, it’s the exact opposite when you choose something that someone needs.
I could follow after my Mom’s footsteps and work in the medical field.
Seriously, there are like so many choices in that one choice alone. Nursing, pharmaceutical
supplies, or even inventing the world greatest Band-Aid that truly doesn’t hurt
to peel off; those would be awesome. Or, I could work in alternative medicine,
healing people free of drugs and medical care, but that would also mean I would
have the government trying to control me.

On the opposite side, I could be like my Dad and work in technology. The way
computers work have always kind of fascinated me, though more often than not I
want to take an axe and smash them to smithereens. J  Technology is always improving, and a really fun job would be a technology critic, always working with the latest and greatest gadgets and pointing out everything that goes wrong, which I am also great at.

You never know, I could surprise everyone and go into construction or nuclear
energy. Or even, I could be the leader for world peace and pass laws advising
everyone to use fewer natural resources and ban unhealthy choices. Not that
anyone would mind, right? We don’t already have enough laws controlling what we
do, where we go, what we eat and how we live our lives. (Insert Cheshire cat
grin here)

Wow, it’s amazing all the different choices I have for education, and to think
I have to narrow it down by the end of high-school. Well, seems I have a lot
more thinking to do,
Shalom to all,
Micaela Rae