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2nd Anniversary of BLOGGING!!!!

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Here’s a BIG thank-you for all my subscribers who have kept encouraging me. I have hit my second year of writing a blog last month, and the year is almost over. πŸ™‚
Hannah S.

I hope that at least one of my posts entertained or aided you, and may Yahweh continue to bless you all.

Love and Shalom,
Micaela Rae
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P.S. Don’t you just LUV the fake snow on my blog??!!??!!


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Shock finding: More than 75 percent of all ‘honey’ sold in grocery stores contains no honey at all, by definition (Updated)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Just because those cute little bear-shaped bottles at the grocery store say “honey” on them does not necessarily mean that they actually contain honey. A comprehensive investigation conducted byΒ Food Safety NewsΒ (FSN) has found that the vast majority of so-called honey products sold at grocery stores, big box stores, drug stores, and restaurants do not contain any pollen, which means they are not real honey.

For the investigation, Vaughn Bryant, one of the nation’s leading melissopalynologists, or experts in identifying pollen in honey, and director of the Palynology Research Laboratory at Texas A&M University , evaluated more than 60 products labeled as “honey” that had been purchased by FSN from ten states and the District of Columbia .

Bryant found that 76 percent of “honey” samples purchased from major grocery store chains like Kroger and Safeway, and 77 percent of samples purchased from big box chains like Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart, did not contain any pollen. Even worse were “honey” samples taken from drug stores like Walgreens and CVS, and fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC, 100 percent of which were found to contain not a trace of pollen.

The full FSN report with a list of all the pollen-less “honey” brands can be accessed here:

So what is all this phony honey made of? It is difficult to say for sure, as pollen is the key to verifying that honey is real. According to FSN, much of this imposter honey is more likely being secretly imported from China , and may even be contaminated with antibiotic drugs and other foreign materials.

Most conventional honey products have been illegally ultra-filtered to hide their true nature

According to FSN, the lack of pollen in most conventional “honey” products is due to these products having been ultra-filtered. This means that they have been intensely heated, forced through extremely tiny filters, and potentially even watered down or adulterated in some way prior to hitting store shelves.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) holds the position that any so-called honey products that have been ultra-filtered are not actually honey. But the agency refuses to do anything to stop this influx of illegitimate “honey” from flooding the North American market. It also continues to stonewall all petitions to establish a national regulatory standard for verifying the integrity of honey.

Ultra-filtering eliminates and destroys all medicinal properties of honey

Assuming that there is any real honey at all in the phony honey products tested by FSN, the removal of pollen and other delicate materials via ultra-filtering renders them medicinally dead. Raw honey is a health-promoting food that can help alleviate stomach problems, anemia, allergies, and other health conditions. Ultra-filtered honey is nothing more than a health-destroying processed sugar in the same vein as white table sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

The good news is that all of the honey products FSN tested from farmers markets, food cooperatives, and “natural” stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, were found to contain pollen and a full array of antioxidants and other nutrients. Local beekeepers are another great source of obtaining raw, unprocessed, real honey.

Be sure to read the entire FSN report at:…


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It’s the first snow of the season, and now, time to freeeeeeeze!!!???!!!!! πŸ™‚
Well, I guess I’ll be wearing twice as many layers.
I hope everyone enjoys this winter as me, (or more.)

Cheerios Ya’ll
Micaela Rae

P.S. For my subscribers, sorry about the repeat email. The computer isn’t having a good day. πŸ˜‰

Song Explanation

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Hello Everyone,
I hope you all are doing well. I am really sorry to have taken so long to write a blog post.
With just coming back from the Feast and getting caught up with schoolwork and computer work, and also preparing the house for guests, I have been very busy. However, here I am now. J
So, a while ago, a friend asked me to write explanations on the songs off our new CD β€œJudgment Day.”
Here they are, probably not in order:
Judgment Day:
The title track on the CD was written by my sister Sarah. It is about the trials of this life and how they don’t compare to Judgment Day.

Memory of a Sister:
This song was writtenΒ in memory of Sister Mil Mansager by my mother, Luann Avalos. She wrote the songs using memories of her (Mil’s) dedication to the Father and her family, and also to the brethren, guiding them in a motherly way.

The Untitled Chapter of Life(Heart):
I wrote this song, also in memory of Sister Mil, but in slightly different way. The reader’s standpoint is seeing what she was to others and how they felt about her, the emotions of her death affecting us all.
It was hard writing this song, as I remembered the fond moments I had with her during my life. It also helped me to release my feelings though.

Heart 2.0:
As you all can see, the above song was named β€œHeart”, so I named this song Heart 2.0.
I wrote this song differently from the ones before it, applying abstract mannerisms to a person struggling with their faith. It is written from the author’s perspective to the person struggling.
There is a shift from the masquerade he/she hides behind to sins being forgiven and having a white heart, pure and blameless.

Dad wrote this song about driving to work, his thoughts began to drift off to things of the world, and the song is an expression of getting his thoughts back to Messiah.

I wrote this song describing barriers people struggle against to get through to the other side, and how they have broken them. It is a fairly easy song to grasp, at least in my opinion. J

You and I:
β€œ You and I” was the VERY first song I wrote by myself, Yahweh included, of course. It is a description ofΒ a relationship between me and Yahweh. This song was very personal, and is written from my perspective on that period of my life.

Show Us Now:
My sisters and I wrote this song together one day. We took the example of Ruth and her faithfulness to Yahweh and Naomi. Then, the chorus asks Yahweh to show us how to be like her, faithful and trusting of a better lot in life, yet never wavering.