Month: August 2012

Article numero uno

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Hey y’all,
I took a step out of my writing shell recently to author an article about the “oneness” doctrine.
This was written in response to a friend’s comment about the entities of ‘The Father’ and ‘The Messiah.’ I decided to do some research and research turned into a 3 page Word document!
From youth to youth, here is my view on the “Oneness Doctrine:”

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way trying to be preachy or usurp the male leadership role in the assembly. I’d simply like to share my view with you, the reader… 🙂
As always, comments, questions, and/or constructive criticism are always welcome. Just please, keep it edifying.


Recap of summer events!

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Hello Everybody,
Hope everyone is doing well. I figured I’d tell everyone about some of the things we (my family) have been doing lately… but first, let’s discuss the weather.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the weather here cannot make up its mind. For a while here, we thought it was getting close to “Feast” weather, you know. You can almost smell autumn in the air; but, the last couple of days have been pretty warm, so I suppose we won’t be saying goodbye to summer anytime soon.
Ahhhh, summer. When one thinks of summer, they usually see green grass, feel the hot sun, hear laughing children as they run through the sprinkler, and taste sweet ice cream on their tongue.
Well, that’s the ideological summer for some. For us, it wasn’t exactly like that. Our grass has been more brown than green, the laughing child would be Nathan riding away from us on his Big Wheel, and sweet ice cream might be the coconut vanilla cream slush sitting in the freezer. The sun is a seeming constant, though we have had rainy days. (Praise Yahweh for that!)
Perhaps you’d like to know what we did for the summer? Good, because I am going to tell you.
Let’s see…
* an involuntary mosquito farm: We bought a frame pool, put it together, then didn’t put any chlorine in it. Let me tell you, mosquito eggs and larvae swimming around in your pool is really nasty. Hannah and I took turns unplugging the drain. It was really hot outside though, so it kinda turned into a sauna. Pool chemicals need better directions.
*fireworks and smoke bombs in our backyard; we actually lit a small area on fire, accidentally of course; smoke bombs are so cool. Our ladybug firework scared me the first time…
*the pool filter that rarely worked, also part of our mosquito problem, we ended up returning the pool
*a lost library book: that’s too bad, because it was a 3-in-1
*the Air Conditioner that stopped working: house got up to around >100 degrees inside the house
*a diet that convinced me of two things: #1, I’m a bad dieter, #2, I should really exercise more 😉
*a BarlowGirl concert-totally awesome!
*the website that was redone, and still being done
*social networking, Facebook really needs a design remake
*several new songs, and a video series of basement recordings
*a window seat not exactly redone, Sarah jumped onto it and got stuck with a pin, it looks good though
*a trip to Michigan, also totally awesome
*learning that I would not do well in an Amish culture
*learning how to play an electric guitar, yeah, it really is different from playing an acoustic
*putting in a window A/C unit with Dad, isn’t as difficult as I thought; got to work on braces though
*installed several light fixtures, inside and outside the house
*discovering that, despite what others say, vegetables do not make a good substitute for noodles or potatoes
and more, but I can’t remember right now.

So, about the songs: we have written several new songs and posted live videos on Youtube and Facebook.
Praise Yahweh for the inspiration he has given us to bless others with. Thanks to everyone for your feedback.
If you get a chance, please check out our new kid’s website. Yahweh has also blessed us, and especially Sarah, on how to put together the website and ideas for the stories. Your feedback and constructive criticism is highly welcome.

We are looking forward to the Fall Feasts and pray for guidance on where to go. We had a case of the disappearing tent stakes, but they were found. Now we can test it out before trying our hand at camping again. The last time we camped at a feast: first it was really cold; and we bought a gas heater for the tent, then it rained, and because we were sleeping in sleeping bags, us kids got wet. Hopefully, this year it will be easier and more enjoyable. Besides, I highly doubt there will be 5-star hotel rooms for us in the tribulation; Best to get used to it now. 🙂

Here’s a shoutout to all my followers! You guys encourage me to write more. Like, it would seriously be no fun to tell an empty search engine what your family has been doing the last two years, so I really appreciate it. Hey, writing a blog is quite educational! Maybe, someday my grandkids will read this like a journal. ‘Course, by then, weblogs will probably be ancient notions, like phones that just call people. 😉 Actually smartphones are pretty cool; maybe I’ll get one when I start driving. Who wants a Jitterbug when you can get an iPhone? I’m off topic, sorry. 😉
Once again, I hope you all are doing great,
Micaela Rae