Month: January 2012

Rock Falls, IL/Wedding

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Hey everyone,
Just wanted to update you all on what’s been happening around here recently.
A couple of weeks ago, our family traveled to Rock Falls, Illinois for the wedding of Doug and Diana Kolata. I was given the great honor of musical accompaniment for the groom and brides’ entrances, as well as a song dedicated to the couple. I must admit I was quite nervous, being as about 3-4 days before, I had only heard the “Bridal Chorus” twice, and never played it before. Praise Yahweh though, I managed to get through it without too many mistakes. For those who haven’t been to the “Gallery” page on our website, you will find pictures from the trip, as well as the pictures I took at the Hanukkah Conference last month.

Here are the IL pictures:

Here are the St. Charles pictures:
Some of these pictures are poor quality; comes from trying using a video camera as a main camera. It doesn’t work. 🙂

Shalom to all
Micaela Rae


Last Day of FOT

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So I posted this two days ago, but WordPress skipped the picture??!!

Here it is, us and our friends…….

Hanukkah Weekend

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Hey everyone,
I (We) just came back from an AWESOME weekend. It was: over-the-top, SMASHING, incredible, EXHILARATING, wonderful.
No, I did not yell at the President for being so incredibly, ahem (cough, cough), not smart, or raise money for the endangered animals, or conquer my fear of deep water, or get an iPod Touch, or learn to dance, or even meet the members of my FAVORITE BAND. Nope, you know what I did? I experienced my first Hanukkah celebration, and, you know what? It was really cool!!!! We have never really done something like this before, so it was all new to me.
Friday night, we went to Passion For Truth to experience their Friday night gathering and enjoy a great night of worship. Matt Hoffmann’s praise group is absolutely wonderful, and watching them praise Yahweh through music is pretty exciting.
We stayed up late and believe me, it was worth it!!!
Saturday morning we attended a Messianic congregation in St. Louis, experiencing their interpretation of Hanukkah celebration. Later that evening, we went to Passion For Truth for the main event:a skit, music, (short) message, dancing and probably my favorite part of all: the lighting of the Hanukkah candles by everyone. It was a beautiful picture, looking out over everyone holding the candles of light in the darkness.

These pictures by Meghan Williams, photographer at PFT, capture the emotions during Hanukkah perfectly. Check them out here:

Praise Yahweh for a wonderful weekend!!!

Micaela Rae

P.S. Check out other photos from PFT conferences here:   and here: