Month: August 2010

Life in different forms

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Hello everyone,
How is everyone today? I am doing well.
My family has been fixing up our house because we want to move to something where we can farm and raise bees and things like that. It has been a good experience with our tomato planters and chili peppers, however, the strawberries are still not doing well. ( I must have messed them up when I replanted them)
I will put up pictures as soon as possible. Are there any questions or advice?

There was a recent event that made our family quite excited. Hannah(my younger sister) found a wren’s nest next to our woodpile under a tarp. She moved it up, the mommy bird found it, and for a while things seemed to be going well.
However, a few days later I found that a baby bird( there were three) had fallen out of the nest and we could not find it.
I eventually found it and put it back in for momma bird to nurse, but the next day we found it was dead. Later that day, or the next, we found another of the baby birds’  in Sheba’s water bowl (she’s our dog) it had apparently drowned, and the third disappeared, and we have not seen it since, nor the momma bird. That was a very sad ending, as we had quite high hopes for the birds’, knowing another bird family story that ended well.

                                                                                 The Story of the Robins: An Avalos Family House Story (coming up next)


Thank You Yah

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 Thank You, Yah

Thank You, Yah, for grass and trees,
flowers bids and humming-bees.
Thank You, Yah, for all You’ve done,
especially for Your only Son.
Thank You, Yah, for rainbows, too,
red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.
Thank You, Yah, for all You’ve made,
and for the sins Yahshua has paid.
Thank You, Yah, that I can run,
skip and hop and have some fun.
Thank You, Yah, for all You’ve done,
especially for Your only Son.
Thank You, Yah, for family,
we learn to live together happily.
Thank You, Yah, for all You’ve made,
and for the sins Yahshua has paid.
This poem was submitted by Nivi Bastian
Thanks Nivi 🙂

July 31st?

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Since today is Sabbath, and the last day of July(right?)
I have decided to ask few questions and see what kind of responses I get since I know there are people reading this blog now. (THANK YOU!!!!!) 

*What does the Saturday Sabbath mean to you and what comes to mind when you think about it?
*If someone asked you what the heavenly Father’s name was, what would you say and why would you say it?
*Since this blog is about teens, what kinds of issues face you that you would want me to write more of, such as cheating, stealing, lying(something a lot of people have a problem with), anger, anything on your mind? 

Remember, if you want to contact me personally, email me at, or leave a comment below.( I moderate all comments before they go up, so don’t worry if there is something you don’t want EVERYONE in the entire world to see written. Also remember though too, Yahweh’s people are supposed to be encouraging, so no one will laugh or tease or anything like that.)
And finally, here’s a bible verse, 

“And my Elohim will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Messiah Yahshua.” – 

Phil 4:19
*very inspiring*
If you like this blog and think it would be good for others to read, please recommend it to them. I aim to reach as many people possible before time runs out, kids and teenagers especially, and I would REALLY like it, if you( the reader) gave me some criticism, or material, or even just something that has happened in your life that others(or even myself, [if you really don’t want it posted, I understand]) might benefit from.




Thanks for Reading,
Micaela Rae