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June 28, 2010

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Hey everyone,
I gotta update everyone on our schedule.
OK, on Dad’s Day we didn’t do a lot of planning, so it was kind of go-with-the-flow day. It was special though in the way we all spent the day together.
Last weekend we went to an assembly in Rocheport, MO to support some friends.(See pictures here)And, last week, we finally started swimming classes. Not that I was looking forward to it, but we have been practicing so now I’m not as scared of the deep water. I’m also getting better at my floats too. 🙂
Now that I have been reviewing this blog, it’s almost like having an online diary of my/our life. Kinda cool when I think about it.

Well, I WILL TRY to update next week. We have another singing/studying gig to attend.

Micaela Rae



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I did not update in a few hours becuse internet at home was down for a few days.
OK, after Shavout there was a singing gig at the Missouri Veteran’s Home in St. James, MO, I really enjoyed that because it seems that our music really touched their hearts. As it was the day before Memorial Day, and because it was a veteran’s home, we sang the national anthem and some other patriotic songs together.
The next day, Memorial Monday, we attended a “Tenth Avenue North” concert in Centralia, courtesy of the “Anchor Festival” being held that day. That was SO COOL!!!! My dad and I even got to meet the lead singer, “Mike Donehey” and acquired his autograph.(see inserted picture) One of the things that I liked about the band, other than their songs, is the fact that they all seemed so humble. When we talked to Mike, it was like talking to a friend you have known for a while. They don’t act all rude and snobbish.
 BTW, before the band started, “Sheltered Reality” played a concert. It was really neat to watch. They all seemed very organized. ( If you want to learn more about Sheltered Reality, click here.)

After Memorial Day, we had another singing gig at a nursing home in Jefferson City, MO. That was an interesting gig. At first we thought that no one would show up to listen, and then a bunch of people arrived near the end. I’m really glad we got to reach a lot of people with our message.

Later, and will write 🙂 🙂 🙂

Anyone There?

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I am sooooo sorry for not updating. When I checked my recent blog post, I realized that I have not updated for around 20-30 days. I have drafts, but they never got up onto the blog.

OK, I’ll start from where I left off. After Mother’s Day, the next 3 days were filled with packing, LOT’S of it. If there is one thing I do not like about trips, it is packing. I can never seem to figure what items I should pack, and what I should leave behind.
If I could, I would bring everything, just in case we have an emergency. 🙂
 You may be wondering what the packing was for. Well, it just happens that May 23rd was Pentecost/Shavout. A “Hebrew Roots Conference” was scheduled for Pentecost weekend in Sterling, IL; so Dad decided to keep Shavout in IL with our friends and attend the “Hebrew Roots Conference” at the same time. However, Mom had been wanting to see her biological mother for a long time, and we had never met our maternal grandmother, so Dad’s final decision was: Leave Thursday, drive to Iowa to visit grandmother, stay overnight in IA, drive to IL next morning, arrive in time for opening service Friday night, drive home Monday night. We followed exactly that!!!!!!! BTW, the conference was AWESOME. check out some pics here ->

Hey, does anyone have an opinion on the recent oils spill? I don’t really have one, except that I really hope that the well gets capped soon, because a lot of animals are getting affected and it is hurting people along the coasts.

I will have another update in a few hours most likely.
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here’s the link if you want to view videos from the conference