Month: May 2010

Mother’s Day schedule :)

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Mother’s Day was yesterday, and I have to admit that I did enjoy it.
We, or I woke up at 5:30 a.m (I have a habit of setting my time about 20 minutes ahead) and Dad officially woke us up at 6 0’clock. These last few years, we have had very little trouble sneaking out of the house early to buy gifts for Mom.
This year was no different; we got dressed in a different room then we normally do, and quietly left.
When we came back, Mom was still asleep and so was my little brother. We tried to keep quiet for a while longer, but Mom got up and so we started to make breakfast. I made French Toast, Turkey Sausage patties with strawberries and yogurt artfully prepared on a plate for her. After eating breakfast, we showed her the gifts and got ready for the day.
Being incredibly busy, I hadn’t planned anything for that Sunday or made anything for her.
We started out by mowing the yard, Mom not having to do anything, ( she offered to help me on the hill, and I let her,
until Dad came over and told me to do it; I seriously need to exercise more).
After that we ate lunch while Mom and Dad looked up things to do in Lake Ozark, MO.
We ended up going on a hike and visited the swinging bridges( not very scary, actually), and ate supper at a seafood resturant.  The family ended Mother’s Day with watching a movie:  half the family watched Furry Vengeance and half watched Iron-Man 2.  What a nice, filled day.
Some of my blog readers might wonder why my family celebrates Mother’s Day; well, the Bible says to honor your Father and Mother. So we set Mother’s Day and Father’s Day aside to do exactly that. And since we also don’t celebrate birthday’s, this is one day of the year they get something from us.

On the subject of movies, “The Blind Side” and “To Save a Life” were two of the most inspirational movies I’ve seen, and
“Hotel for Dogs” and “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” are two that I want to see again. There might be more, but my memory is not that good and so accounts for my slow updates, schoolwork, and so. Laziness accounts for the other half. 🙂
I admit it, I don’t really like to work, I just do it because it HAS to get done.  Sigh……….  Oh Well!!!

Well, will update soon ( if I remember,                     nope, just kidding)


Please tell me what you do for your Mother’s!!!!!!!


Global Warming: my opinion on fact or Fiction

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Global warming, one of the topics’ canidates for political positions have to have an opinion.
It amazes me how something so controversial can have such an immediate effect on people when there’s not even such a thing. I used to think that this planet was just going to melt away and take us with it, but now I realize that if the sun is shrinking, how can the Earth be warming? It doesn’t make sense to me. ‘Course then, some people say that the sun isn’t shrinking that much. Hmmmmm…?????

Well, I do believe that if we expect to live on this planet for a whole lot longer, we need to start taking better care of it.
Otherwise, we’ll end up like the people in Wall-E, living in space because nothing will grow on Planet Home.

Well, anyone who disagrees, please comment.   🙂

And I will update very soon………………….