Month: November 2010

When life gives you apples, make jam and juice!!

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If there is one thing I don’t really like, it’s shopping; especially when it’s shopping for food.
I might like clothes shopping, if it didn’t require so much time. But recently, we went shopping at a “Dutch Country Store” in Barnett, MO. They often have deals on food, and this last time we got 3 bushels of apples. Well, 6 people cannot finish 3 bushels of apples before they go bad. So Dad thought we should juice the apples and drink it. That used up some of the apples, but not all.
About two years ago, we learned from a friend how to make apple and pear jam. SO, we made some jam and canned it in our water bath canner. I was quite rusty on how long it was supposed to cook and everything, but all the jars sealed (I kept one out for eating), so they should be okay.
   Today, I learned the difference between a yam and a sweet potato. Apparently, yams are a lot rarer in the USA, but they are slowly starting to be introduced into our supermarkets.
  Just a few minutes ago, I made a cranberry apple raisin nut sauce. It had an interesting flavor, as there was orange and lemon juice in the sauce. A new taste for the palate, I must say it was very good. Our turkey turned out pretty well too!!!

Our family watched a documentary about the “Star” that told the birth of Messiah. It made me think about the fact that someone like myself might take what I see in the sky for granted, when there might actually be a reason for it. take for example this passage:

Luke 21:25 (King James Version)

25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;If I take for granted something in the heavens, how am I ever going to see the signs that might bring a message? I will have to ponder this, indeed, it is a very deep subject. I wonder, seriously wonder, what else I might take for granted, or already have? It could be something trivial, or it might very possibly blow up in my life when I least expect it too..

What do YOU think? Remember, it is the children who will carry on the will of the Father. We must arm ourselves now, or it may be too late in the future when we are adults to pass this on to our children.

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1st Year Anniversary!!!

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Well everybody, today marks the 1-year anniversary since I started this blog; and I couldn’t have done it without you. So give yourselves a hand; you guys are AWESOME!!!
Now, it’s time for a recap:
My first post introduced me and my family, and gave a long list of rules (you need plenty of those!)
 After that we have posts on everything from weather disasters to texting to the holidays that everyone invests in, ignorance showing.
We have laughed over gardening disasters and cried over losing bird friends.
 My favorite post could very possibly be “Shirley Goodnest and Marcy” or meeting Mike Donehey at my very first “Tenth Avenue North” concert.
I have made new friends on this blog, and hope to make many more in the days to come. I’d also like to thank everyone for getting me past the statistical point for new bloggers: 3 months!! I have made it by 4x.
Finally, I would like to thank my family, friends, and people who have submitted ideas and publications for this blog.

Thank You!!!!
Micaela Rae

Ahem!! (Cough, Cough) My voice may sound like a toad’s for a while, please stand by while we repair technical difficulties!!

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Ok, you’re probably shaking your head at the title and wondering if I have seriously gone crazy.
Nope, just going through some normal teenager changes. You know, when you try to sing a really high note and it comes out sounding like a chipmunk squeal (I actually have that effect on my recorder) or if you happen to be a soprano, you try to sing a really low note and it sounds like a dog’s growl (not a very pleasant sound). I have found out that I happen to have a lower voice now, it makes me sound older too.. Weird!

Soooo, MUSIC UPDATES: Producing a song for the newly started “Sessions 2” CD
”The Forgotten People” by Ted Pearce, awesome song with a strong message, it should be coming out soon on our website:
We are also writing some new songs for our 5th CD, which we haven’t named yet. Any suggestions?

Global news: that’s probably so late you already have heard about it
The people in Haiti aren’t even close to cleaning up the mess left by the recent earthquake,
and now, a cholera outbreak, affecting hundreds of people, deepening the scar left by the fact that some of these people have lost their homes, money, family members, and friends, I would need some serious faith in my Heavenly father to even stay there.

Halloween? Seriously?

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Halloween was October 31st here in Missouri. The way people carry on about it, you’d think it was the entire week going up to it. I personally have a really hard time understanding why people get in to the “Ghosts in the Graveyard” kind of thing. Just about everyone you ask says,” It’s for the kids, there’s no harm in doing it, you get to be something you’re not on one day of the year!”. Yeah, and if you wanted to do that, you could simply have a costume party and invite the whole town to it. Some people don’t know why they keep it, which is completely nuts, if you ask me.
My response when asked by a Plinky prompt:

Are you kidding?
Copy and paste the link into your browser and educate yourself.
This is the most Satanic and Occult holiday of the whole year. Seriously, I think anyone who celebrates Halloween, and all its related death, witches, skulls, is nuts. Yeah, you can glare and rant about how it is just a kid’s holiday or whatever. Craziness, I call it CRAZINESS!!!!!

Exodus 22:18 (King James Version)

18Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.

Deuteronomy 18:10 (King James Version)

10There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.