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I love playing bluegrass music.  I like doing runs and scales on the bass to it. We have some friends that play bluegrass religious music, and I look forward to playing with them.  It is fun.

We have been doing raw recordings of the songs on our next cd. When we post it up on Praises For Yahweh, there will be updates from me.

I like baking cakes. They’re fun to decorate( most of the time), and they are one food that appeals
to most people. One thing that is quite contradictory though, I don’t happen to like to eat it very much.It’s a little too sweet.

Thanks to everyone for the views. It’s great to see that people like this blog.
Shalom, Micaela

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New Years Day has come and gone, 2010 has now started in the eyes of the American population.

It leaves me wondering that the mainstream population still has not questioned a new year starting in the winter though. Most people don’t know where the names of the months came from.And almost all never question why the Israelites went looking for the new moon to start their months. They take what their preacher says and apply it to their life. They have never discovered the origin behind all these holidays. (By the way, I do not find getting drunk a good way to start any new year.)

I am going to start integrating parts from my personal life into these blog posts. Topics will include: cooking, computer technician work, recording, news from the world, etc…..

Thanks to those who have commented on this blog. If you have any ideas, stories, jokes, or even want to contribute, please email me at micaela@praisesforyahweh.org

Please pray for the victims in the recent earthquake in Haiti.

Thoughts of my mind

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Hey everybody,

Christmas, the latest holiday someone came up with.
Has anyone ever wondered what Santa Claus, snowmen, gifts, and the reindeer have to do with the Messiah’s birth?
Especially Santa Claus; how did he ever come in to the equation? The North Pole? South Pole?
The Messiah wasn’t even born in December!!!
You know what though, those jingles they play get stuck in my head sometimes.  I have to sing a different song out loud to get them to stop playing.

On a different note, has anyone seen the clothes they’re making for kids these days?
The girls have tight, short shirts and skirts (especially Miley Cyrus. Has no one seen what she has been doing these days?)
and the boys; Harry Potter, Twilight, HULK?  OK, maybe not the twilight. But, these celebrities seem to have a major impact on our clothing industry.
My mom agonized(literally) over finding clothes that are long enough, loose enough, and non-graphic enough.
The Halloween outfits go way beyond my limits though.
I don’t know about you, but those Halloween outfits freak me out!!

OK, last topic for the day
Please!!! send me ideas, comments or even offer some stories, blog posts, or music.
This is an all-inclusive site. If you leave more feedback, I update more often.

Shalom (Peace)

P.S. Please let me know when I start to get boring. :}

Hello Everyone

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I recently started this blog for teens around the world in the Sacred Name Movement to interact with each other online.
In this blog post, I am going to introduce myself, list out rules and policies, and detail instructions if you want to post a blog, contribute, or comment.
My name is Micaela R.  Avalos.  I have started this blog as a way for teens who are in the Sacred Name Movement to post thoughts  and interact with each other on a non-secular realm.

Now for our family:

Me:Micaela I sing and play drums, bass guitar, guitar, piano and sing
My second oldest sister: Sarah She plays bass guitar, guitar, piano, and sings
My youngest sister: Hannah She sings, plays piano, a little guitar, and drums

My brother: Nathaniel He’s learning how to sing.

My parents are Christopher and Luann Avalos
Dad plays drums and bass, Mom plays piano, bass, and guitar.  They both sing.
Yahweh has blessed us with multiple talents, and about five years ago we started a band called “Praises For Yahweh”. Since then we have released two CDs and are currently working on our third.

Now, for rules and policies

This blog is of  Sacred Name origin, and I expect that most who comment will leave respectable replies.

However,  we will encounter some people who simply do not care about offending someone else, and I want to imply that those people will not be tolerated.

Any comments that consist of:

  • Any kind of abuse toward a certain user, or just the general population
  • swearing, controversial topics,  inappropriate references
  • spam or marketing posts
  • segregation and/or racial slurs

and anything else that I think is hurtful or demeaning of a certain race, color, gender or religion

I will automatically delete those comments, and block that user from posting on this blog.
Yahweh wants his people to be clean-mouthed, joyful, and kind. His true Israel do not demean or hurt people.

For the next topic, I want to talk about segregation.

There are some who believe that certain races, color, genders, are not apart of our social status. They want to be separate from these  people, and do not wish to be identified with them.   I believe that all races, colors and people are created for a reason, are we not?
Yahweh does not differentiate between one person and another. He only sees us a a whole, someone willing to worship him.

I hope that anyone who posts or comments on this blog will follow the rules and respect each other.

Last topic, creating a user and posting on this blog

This is the link to get to the WordPress login. At the bottom of the page,  click on the link that says “Get a free WordPress account”.
This will take you to an application page, where you can get a blog, or just create a user.
Once done,  send me an email at micaela@praisesforyahweh.org and I will add you as another contributor  for this blog.

Thanks and may Yahweh bless

MRA     www.praisesforyahweh.org