4 months…A New Record

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I meant to post right after Sukkot, really, I did. I even had two paragraphs all ready to go. Hardly a blog post worth noting , but, I am a well-meaning person. Then I read Jenna C.’s blog about going to the Philippines for Sukkot; read here:              http://thenarrowpassage.wordpress.com/2013/10/07/sukkot-2013-part-1/?relatedposts_exclude=3611
(By the way, there are five parts to her Sukkot posts)
and got even more motivated. However, extreme motivation + much procrastination = no blog post. 😦

Anyways, we had a really blessed FOT.  Of course no words, at least that I know in English, can adequately describe how I felt about everything that happened and you just know Yahweh had to be orchestrating it all.

Here what I mean: Before we had even left, Yahweh had placed it in Dad’s mind to do Hebrew dancing at Shalom Assembly’s FOT 2013. We got there and Dad was asked to do his presentation on dancing; you can see it here:
As it so happened, there was another family there who had experience in Hebraic dancing, so Dad got in touch with them and they agreed to do the presentation with us. They knew more than we did about the specifics so that was a blessing in itself. What was really cool is that the brethren there that night felt the calling to start dancing as was shown in the Scriptures. Each morning after that and several times besides, there was a group dancing up in front during worship. It was SO COOL!

So, yeah, that was my FOT. I have to say it was a blessing to me personally because I have never been really comfortable dancing in public. I just felt kind of awkward, especially because I didn’t (and still don’t) know a whole lot about Hebraic dancing. It was really a special experience to know the dances, to practice them and then do it with others.

Well, for all this talking about the Feast, I should give you some links…
Here are the picture albums, we didn’t get as much as I would have liked, but that’s ok:


I hope you all had awesome Feast Of Tabernacles also. I’ll just say I missed a certain someone living in Oregon during FOT this year and someone else living in South Carolina 🙂

Since FOT, I have passed a few milestones in a teenagers life. I got my intermediate driver’s license, so I can now drive by myself -look out Missourians! Also I graduated high school, which was quite an accomplishment for me, not being the greatest student ever. I have started my audio schooling, and I am just so blessed because as I go through it, I just get the feeling that I am fulfilling part of Yahweh’s will for my life. I know I still have so much more to do and goals to make, but to know you chose the right foundation for your “career” is a pretty good feeling, especially considering how versatile my schooling is – audio and recording engineering. Maybe, if it’s Yahweh’s will, I will become an owner of my own studio with my husband someday, producing up-and-coming Sacred Name/Messianic bands. :]

Yeah, that’s a while from now, but it’s fun to think about my future. Every day I find myself rejecting my feelings and misgivings of yesteryear. These morals and ideals I have conflict with my way of thinking just a little bit ago, but in a good way. I am, how do I say, “proud” of the fact that I am analyzing the standards I set for myself and how I lead my siblings in our music. I constantly want to be better than what I think we could be, to set a higher bar than some would say we should set for ourselves. The problem that I find when I do that is sometimes I’ll let it keep me from working up to it, like with writing music. I’ll try to start a song, but the fact that my style of writing isn’t what I would want to hear from myself discourages me, and I stop because I don’t think I can further Yahweh’s will. I have to remind myself that what if Paul hadn’t wrote his letters to the Corinthians, Galatians, and Thessalonians because he believed he couldn’t express what Yahweh wanted him to say properly? Or perhaps, he might have thought that his letters would bring so much strife as to cause a rift in the new assemblies. Would he have accomplished his Father’s will in doing that? Would we glean as much from Yahshua’s teachings alone, without understanding sometimes the reasons behind them? I personally don’t think  so.

Anyways, some new things will be happening on this blog…yes, I know. You’re just waiting on the edge of your seats for this announcement! 😉

My sisters, Sarah and Hannah, both teenagers now, will be writing and posting stories on this blog.  Hopefully that will boost the youth traffic here since I don’t really update that much. Hey, what can I say, the PFY band has written three songs since FOT. Somebody’s got to record them…

I pray you all have a great week.
Shalom from Micaela Rae


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