Messianic Prophecies

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We have been studying (in our Bible studies) the Messianic
prophecies in the Old and New Testament.

Essentially –in all the prophecies we have studied as of now, for every
prophecy that could be found in the Old Testament concerning Yahshua, there is
a verse in the New Testament either fulfilling it or stating how it will be
fulfilled in the future, as meaning the future of man’s existence.

I have been doing reports on each of Dad’s messages, and am starting to
recognize the correlation between examples that don’t immediately LOOK
Messianic, but when studying each phrase in which it was used, there is a
greater significance than what is seen on the surface.

Of the Messiah- the most obvious:

*Why would the most perfect man ever to walk the Earth hang on a tree, when

Deuteronomy 21:22-23  states that a body
is cursed that hangs on a tree? Galations 3:13 states that Yahshua was made
accursed for us to take away the curse of the Law.

*Ephesians 1:7, Yahshua is the redemption for our sins.

*Yahshua was a king, Matthew 28:18-21/John 12:12-14/2 Samuel 7:10/ 1 Chronicles
17:11, Yahshua and Solomon  are
paralleled in the same prophecy.

*Matthew 1:1, 9:27;Yahshua’s genealogy is traced back to Judah, and is called
the Son of David, a Lion of Judah. Matthew 22:40, Yahshua asks the Pharisees
why the Messiah is called Sovereign or Adonai by David if he is David’s son.

*Came in his Father’s name

* Spoke for Yahweh

*Came down to Earth in the form of a human

*Died for our sins

*He distributed the Ruach Ha Qodesh to the disciples

*Was a prophet

*Descendent of David, through a spiritual bloodline

*Came for the dispersed tribes of Israel, and later the Gentiles

*Led a group of disciples that spread the Evangel throughout the Earth

*Started a new Era, linking the Old Covenant with New/ Renewed Covenant

*Jews believe that he was just a prophet, while the Christians believe he is
the Messiah

*Started the grafting-in of those who are not born of the tribes of Israel

*Had the most of his divine attributes

*Was a messenger

*Was the burnt offering; Abraham told his son Isaac that a ram, or burnt
offering, would be provided.
Many years later, the Lamb was sent to die for OUR sins.

There might be a Part 2, I am not sure yet 🙂

Micaela Rae


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